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Billboard signage is important for businesses in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to get more public exposure which ultimately leads to more revenue streams. This billboard signage should not be underestimated since your company or business in Kajang and Cyberjaya can promote their product and services from far distances. 

The customization on billboards depends on your imagination, or ask us for the many successful templates we have available for your choice.

Types of Billboard Signage Available:

  • Tarpaulin Billboard Signage

Tarpaulin billboard signage is placed on the roadside where advertisers promote their products or services. It is suitable as a physical advertisement board.

  • LED Billboard

LED Billboard is a type of catchy signboard used to display product or service information with colourful lighting. They are used outside the shop showing discounts available to attract potential customers from far away.

  • Advertising Billboard

An advertising billboard is a large billboard by the roadside for advertisers to display their products and services to passersby. This type of advertising gives passersby a good lasting impression of the company.

An animated billboard means an advertisement signboard of a product or service using animated pictures or videos to catch the attention of the public. It is commonly seen in city and train stations where people can stop and look at the advertisement.

Billboards Are Used For Various Purposes:

  • Information Purpose

If you want to inform the public of some big news like a shopping sale or festive greetings, then billboards can be used to make your greetings reach the public in a simple and effective way. 

  • Advertising or Promotional Purpose

The advertising power that billboards can give in long-term exposure to your product and services. This means that people will always know the latest promotions and information about your products which can attract more customers in buying your product.

You may be wondering if a billboard is effective in attracting the attention of a passerby. Be rest assured that we are here to assist you. Since billboards are outdoor signage, hence they are usually placed at a spot where you can notice them easily. 

On top of that, bright and clear fonts are used to attract the attention of the public in an instant. This is done to make sure that your billboard will get the maximum audience reach so that it is effective marketing.

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