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Our company specialised in making shopping mall signage for shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. 

Shopping mall signage refers to the visual elements strategically placed in shopping complexes for wayfinding information, promotions and branding messages. Although there are many types of signages, they provide clear navigation, promote products and increase brand visibility for shop owners and businesses in the mall. In short, business owners have a variety of signage options to advertise their products and service offerings. 

Types of Shopping Mall Signage We Offer Includes:

  • Retail store entrance signs

These retail signages are placed at the entrance of a shop to attract customers and create a welcoming atmosphere. It includes the store’s name, logo and a tagline. It can feature promotional messages including promos and special discounts to entice potential customers. 

  • Shop hoarding sign 

This is usually placed outside a retail space to announce its opening. It will feature bold messaging including Grand Opening Soon and has the brand’s logo, colours, and attractive design elements. For maximum visibility, you can include contact details like contact numbers or company website. If you are looking for vibrant graphics of shop hoarding signs in Mid Valley or other malls in Klang Valley, we are the best signage supplier for your business. 

  • Shopping centre main entrance signs

A visually appealing shopping mall entrance signage establishes the shopping centre’s identity. This entrance signage has the mall’s name, and logo accompanied by attractive graphics that reflect the centre’s theme. 

  • Car park sign

In order to facilitate an organised parking environment, our company provides clear car park signs service indicating information on the designated parking areas for different categories. For interested parties looking for carpark signage services in Cheras, Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam, our company can provide you with our past portfolio. 

  • Promotional signage

These advertisement signs can be found at retail stores, restaurants, cafes and more. They aim to encourage purchasing action by customers. We will usually include key elements including company colours, attractive graphics and clear calls to action. Examples of promotional business signage that we provide include banners, posters, sidewalk signs etc.

  • Wayfinding signages

The design of wayfinding signage is crucial for ensuring that customers can easily understand and follow the directions at the shopping mall. It includes directional arrows, maps, symbols and written instructions that includes relevant landmarks. Therefore, we provide effective wayfinding signage that enhances user experience in the shopping mall and promotes a sense of security. 

These are signs placed on the walls or pillars of buildings to display brand identity, or promotional messages. These sign boards are often rectangular or square in shape and can vary in size depending on the space available.

  • Outdoor signs

We can customise outdoor sign boards in different sizes and shapes. They are placed in public spaces or at events for advertisement purposes. The external signboard design is important to reach its intended audience. Our signage designers will specifically design outdoor signage that feature bold colours, clear fonts and eye-catching graphics that is highly visible to passersby or motorists. 

In conclusion, signages have a multitude of benefits for marketing and navigation including brand visibility, attracting passerby, and promoting products or services. 

We will discuss the cost, size and types of signage material. If you are looking to create new shopping mall sign boards for your business, please call or Whatsapp our signboard company based in Ampang, Selangor for further details. 


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