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For marketing purposes, wall signage has been a popular choice for businesses in Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Selangor. This is because it has many benefits including catching the attention of passersby and being a cost effective creative marketing tool that works 24 hours a day. 

Wall signage can be used for many purposes including the following:


It is a great advertising strategy for your products or services no matter if it is outdoor or indoor. With the installation of wall signage, you can reach out to more customers with ease even without approaching them. You could even let your customer know about special sales by displaying it on a wall-mounted digital sign. You can expect an increase in sales when this is done right. 


Another purpose is to increase brand awareness. The impression of a brand is critically important for a business. Your signboard is a representation of your company brand. Therefore, we recommend you to design impactful signage as the first thing a customer comes across is wall signage. Since wall signage is displayed 24 hours a day, customers get continuous exposure to your brand which in turn improves recognition of your business. 

Direction or wayfinding

Wall signage helps give direction, especially in a premise where people could get lost easily such as at malls and outdoor events, etc. By having a clear direction in your premise, the experience of customers can be improved. Furthermore, wall signage allows potential customers to find the location of your shop easily.   

Other types of wall advertising signs include: 

Wall digital printing – Create attractive retail signage with our digital printing technology.

3D lettering signage – This type of unique signage creates a 3D effect that gives your customer an impactful first impression.

Large format printing – Catch the attention of potential customers immediately from far with this large format printing signage.

Door and room signs – Allow your customers to distinguish every room on your premise.

Wall graphics – Reflect the professionalism of your brand with our wall graphics service.

Wall decal – Replace boring walls to promote your brand and uplift the working environment of your office.

We also have other signs including pylon signage, in-store signage, construction, or project signboard. If you have other types of signage in mind, give us a call and we are happy to discuss and collaborate with you on your projects.

When creating a wall signage service for your business, it is important to speak to an experienced signage contractor in order to get the most benefit out of signage. We are always ready to provide signage solutions for you. We are an established signage company dedicated to providing the best signage service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. For further information, please call or email our team right now.


Reasonable Pricing

Whether you are a small or big business you will find our pricing affordable for the service we provide. Let us know your budget to work out something for you.

All-in Services

We do not only make your signboard, our services include designing, printing and also installation of the signboard. So you do not have to hire someone else and save you money!

Experienced Team

We have an experienced team from an established and experienced signage company. Our group of workers are competent in all areas of service we provide. 

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