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Shop signboard design work can be a complicated process depending on how sophisticated you are in choosing your next signboard design by a reliable signboard company near you in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor.

Signboard is a popular method utilised in many aspects, from promotion advertisements, communication to display of arts and culture (modern, retro, traditional or native with Malaysian identities). It is commonly used in commercial industry, bar, bakery shops, restaurant, fresh mart, clinic, urban towns, cities, residential flat, studio, etc.

A shop sign board designing process should include ideation, creation and many more stages before approval. This is to ensure you receive the best creative design according to your business needs and wants. If you are not someone who is experienced in this matter, this process will help you in deciding the best design.

Our signboard contractors can guide you through the whole process step by step.

However, if you want to know what are the things you need to know before purchasing your next fabric or trade shop sign board designs, here are some factors to think about and guidelines to refer to when designing your next shop signboard design:

Purpose Of Signboard – Advertising, Informational, and/or Branding

First of all you need to understand what is the purpose of the signboard you are creating. Why do you want it? What is the brand identity you are trying to put into the signboard that you want your customer to know? If you have the answers to all these questions, then you are ready to go. Try to make the information and preliminary concept comprehensible and simple so that the designer analyses the findings at ease to provide key data and illustration to support your advertisement that can link directly and inform your audience on what you are.

Signboard Placement – Wall Or Outdoor

What type of signboard are you purchasing? There are many types which include window signboard, indoors and outdoor signage. The positions (ie. left or right) and location are important because the message, visual, and purpose may be concluded and managed according to where you place the signboard. For example, if it is an indoor signage with façade design, you can emphasize on promotions or even direction to navigate through your store.

Combination Of Materials Used

The combination of material used is important. This is because some materials are known for their unique properties, and you can identify what is most suitable for you. For example, aluminium signages are used on roads and highways for billboards. This is because aluminium is highly durable, versatile, and long lasting. Introducing mixture of light effects to your illuminated signboard such as using digital LED electrical lighting and bright neon lights with variables of colors and patterns (ie. red, yellow, blue) can create a premium vintage party feel in the premises during the dark which tend to effectively attract attention from the students and young adults at the latest hotel and restaurants.

Incorporation Of Company Logo – Use High Resolution Image

Some very common mistakes when ordering an acrylic retail signage is that the graphics used are not in high resolution. Especially when it comes to images and icons such as logos, it is a very important element to the success of your business. Usually when we use it on other things, the small resolution is enough but when you put it on a larger and bigger signboard you will need to prepare a high resolution image. 

Font Type And Size And Colour

Use font types and color combinations that are in appropriate letter size. This is because some signboard content cannot be read easily. This will cause customers difficulty to understand what the signboard says. Sometimes people use very contrasting colours with white or black backgrounds to ensure some elements like fonts are easily readable. This can be a way to emphasize the elements you want to pay attention to. 

In addition, the languages (foreign language, Malay or English) used on the signs are critical too, make sure the letters are spelled correctly without any spelling errors, messaging not too formal and straightforward to your audience. For example, motorists and drivers who are stuck at the congested road during the rush hour, they have time to read the messages on the signboards, hence try to have your effective custom signboard features solution or products in relation to their question and problem with the proper language.

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