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Wayfinding signage is also known as informational signage in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. They exist to help a customer navigate your business premises without complicated maps. Keep your wayfinding signage easy to understand with little confusion.

Wayfinding signages are often used at:

Shopping Centres

Directional signage can help guide guests or customers to specific shops, departments, and floors while improving experiences by providing them instant access to on-demand information. Combine your mall’s branding seamlessly into this compelling and easy-to-manage visual media.

High Rise Buildings

Using a minimum amount of text and images, wayfinding building signs help guide a person in the right direction. 

Office Premises

Navigating a large office space or corporate building is so much easier and far less stressful when departments and other places of interest are clearly marked. Wayfinding or directory signage reduces confusion for new customers. 

Multi-storey Buildings

Wayfinding signage can provide direction to a particular room and is important in large, complex buildings including hotels and educational facilities. In such cases, a uniform wayfinding style is considered desirable for consistency and clarity.


Car parks are the first and last experience for many passersby. Directional signs help create a positive, hassle-free experience. This parking experience can be used to elevate the first impression for valued guests, to set their expectations for future visit, and for your overall brand-building strategy.


If you’re not an employee, it can be easy to get lost in a building. Wayfinding reception signage can help people get around on their own, creating a sense of security and empowerment. Even better, great design can reflect the culture and values of the company while reducing distractions, making it feel like home and comfortable for all.

Placement of the wayfinding signs:

Mounted Wall Signage

It helps to eliminate confusion, reduce stress, and make your brand more visible. Commonly used at campuses and public areas.

Pylon Signs

They come in flat, convex, and illuminated models, and include double-sided and even triangular pylons. The pros of using these are because of the visibility, size, modularity, and durability of these signs. Commonly used at the entrances of buildings, universities, office buildings, industrial buildings, and even parking lots.

Pole Mounted Signage

These signs can be single or double-sided, illuminated or unlit, depending on your preferences. The height can be customised to your preference.

Free-standing Sign

When faced with a situation with limited space, provide advertising or directions to and from your building.   

Since standing out from the crowd is a major part of branding, hence using the appropriate quality materials for wayfinding signs is key. There are many types of signage materials including plastic, acrylic, and metal signs, and options for a wide variety of environments. 

In addition, the lifespan of your signage depends on how easily signs can be updated and installed. This will help you track signage updates and removals, and create a database of signage that’s always current.

Our creative consultants are experts at signage design, and they work to create wayfinding solutions that are practical, easy to understand, and aesthetically appealing. 

Furthermore, we design your wayfinding signage to reflect the mood and culture of your brand. When you talk to our highly trained wayfinding signage experts, you can rely on many years of experience in the making of signage. 

Our experts will discuss proposed signs to best fit your requirements helping you create meaningful brand experiences in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Contact our support team now for a FREE site survey!


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We have an experienced team from an established and experienced signage company. Our group of workers are competent in all areas of service we provide. 

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