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The office signage is very key for businesses in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor since it can give a good impression of your business. Office signage refers to the suite of graphics used to enhance an office space with information, artwork, and branding. It can also easily help your office become a more vibrant and convenient place to work with signage and bright graphics for the walls with aspects that are contemporary, informative, and inspiring. 

Another important way you can use office signs is to promote your brand. Your branding includes your slogan, tagline, signature fonts and colors, company mission, and core values. Giving prominent attention to your corporate image throughout your entire office can increase brand awareness for visitors and help employees rally around a common identity and purpose.

If you need office signage, we can assist you with the following:

  • Exterior building

Promoting your brand awareness and professionalism is the best way to make your organisation stand out from the competition especially when it is located at different floors of an exterior building. This is because exterior office signs and banners can catch the eyes of those passing by and help you build greater name recognition among the public. Additionally, attention-getting signs and floor graphics help new staff or potential clients navigate and find your workspace fast.

  • Reception

An attractive sign in the interior greeting space is very useful to give a good image. Regardless if you are a tenant or premises owner with tenants that operate kids schools, shop, restaurant, hospitals, dental or medical clinic, local government agencies, or churches. A hand-crafted logo, lettering, or symbol makes the statement that yours is the kind of corporation that is solid, stable, and attractive for customers and investors.

  • Main entrance

A well-designed permanent sign at the main entrance is a good way for your customer to have a better understanding of what your company does and for directional and wayfinding purposes. From the main doors leading into your architectural building from the outside, you can also put a simple window sign of hospitality to help form a positive relationship with people who come to your office, whether they are customers, guests or partners.

  • Hallway

If you want to introduce your firm’s brand, putting your office sign in the hallway would be a good alternative. Your hallway or facility will not look so empty and give it a professional look. By improving your office’s environment, you foster a workspace that employees want to come into. If your office hosts multiple departments, facilities or features several rooms meant for different purposes, office signs and decals options can be a great way to make various sections of your office have their own unique feel.

  • Meeting rooms

It is advisable to place office signage that represents your firm in rooms. Office signage helps reinforce your brand’s value. With graphics and signs around your meeting room windows, you can showcase milestones, products or service information, and your company’s accomplishments and commitments. These branded promotional signs can help sell your company’s value to clients and remind all employees of the standards they should hold themselves to that helps boost productivity and confidence in your management and even your shareholders.

You can let us know your requirements so that we can customize the sign board visuals to make it creative, cool, typical, aesthetically beautiful, and premium based on your style and preference.

You can get it engraved, add lighting or show digital effects for your personalized signs. These individualized effects can make your signage look more interesting and differentiate yourself from other brands.

For size wise, it is better if you can give the exact measurement or we can visit your office to help you to decide the best size for you. There are a wide variety of types of materials to choose from including acrylic, wood, PVC, metal, silver, glass, etc so don’t be afraid to let us know what signage material, sizes, and colours you prefer.

We are your trusted partner to take equal pride in providing relevant services in Klang Valley city, Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya. We can help you create elegant and eye-catching designs for custom decal, label and banner display using the best materials and print methods available. 

When you talk to our customer service, you’ll find that they take an individualized customizable, and personalization approach to understanding your company and your office workplace so they can provide effective indoor sliding door, conference room, or hanging wall signs and solutions tailor-made for your offices or firms. It will be a good reveal for announcing a new department or office grand reopening at a new address.

It is easy. Contact us to book a time slot or you may request an enquiry message now and get started with all your office signboard needs at affordable pricing! Get a free quote today.


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