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Many do not understand how important indoor signage is and how it can add value to your building in Kuala Lumpur, Kepong, and Selangor. Indoor or interior signage helps you continue advertising to audiences, expand on your company’s key messaging and create a strong impression on your customers.

Indoor signage is commonly used in many types of premises including:

Shopping Mall

Malls are filled with shops and stores, and signage can give the owner an advantage to attract customers’ eyes and attention while boosting a business brand recognition. A variety of durable exterior signs such as printable signs or displays, billboards, lightboxes, display stands, signage frames, windows graphics, and footpath signs show very quickly what the store is, what products or types of services they offer, and their concept styles. 

Interior signs can be lifestyle graphics, branding, point of sales, and promotional signs. All of the signs serve a purpose, whether they are to gain powerful eye-catching branding purposes, strategically located for tactical advertisements and promotions, or as simply as directing customers to the items they’re looking for.

Office and Company

Imagine a big corporate office or company building, they have indoor signs to provide convenient communication and subtle messages which help to encourage customer connections and enhance employee work functions, satisfaction, and efficiency that are aligned with the directions set by the upper management. A professionally inspired indoor office sign is excellent for impressing your customers and makes your staff feel like they are professionals too, so it will show in the way they treat your customers.

Restaurant and Cafe

Popular restaurants in Kuala Lumpur are not only known for their signature food but also for their decor. Dining decisions are often made on impulse – what you promote on the outside reflects what to expect inside. Consider bright, colorful custom signs if your brand exudes fast, friendly, and budget, and toned down and sleek if you’re modern, stunning, and high-end. In the highly competitive hospitality market, great and effective signage can draw traffic to benefit your café.

Retail Shop

Indoor retail signages can engage your potential customers timely and drive them to enjoy and act on what they see. There are many ways in how you can persuade and feed them the information your customers need to make the purchase. Upon entering your retail store, their buying decision can change with signages implementing your marketing strategies. We offer everything you need to make this critical brand personality and highlight the right message to reach your audience including wayfinding signage, digital signage, indoor or outdoor signage, and sign maintenance.

If you are looking for indoor signage, we are here to assist you! Not sure what we do?

Here is a list of types of signages we offer:

Reception Lobby

Have you ever checked into a big building and had to find and walk far to find the main lobby? What if I told you, your visitors may cut all that hassle by installing indoor reception signage at this location? Your lobby is an excellent spot to engage and impress by offering immersive experiences with inspiring and informative images to bring your content to life as intended and make sure potential clients get a great visual experience.


Wall signages are perfect for aesthetics when special effects are added such as digital signage laser projection as well as illuminated LED, neon and LCD backlit signs which can help improve and transform your store, office, showrooms, or work environment into a professional space. Place emphasis on your products and reinstate your tagline, slogan, or logo.


The purpose of indoor directory signage is to be a guide for people, especially in big buildings and giant malls to find what they are looking for. If you own a business building, it is important to make it easy to navigate to the right departments. Businesses that proactively manage end-to-end experiences are businesses that make top-notch impressions.

We are ready to serve you, especially those looking to build and create beautiful cost-effective signs. We are your trusted partner who you can rely on and trust, creating your indoor custom sign with wide selections of advertising media from types, style, size, fonts, colors to lighting panels materials to feature your brand. 

Regardless of acrylic, versatile PVC, aluminium, metal, or glass; pole pylon signage; printed banners, posters or stickers; printing, laminating, gloss or lettering; designing or wording; signage upgrade and configuration, we are able to fulfill your service requirement. 

Send in your enquiry for us to address your questions and make suggestions of the most suited and creative signage advertisement solution for your business based on your requirements. 

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