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Our company specialises in providing safety signage especially for building owners in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor who aim to provide a safer environment in their premises. 

Safety signs in the workplace are a crucial visual communication tool for the public to alert them on potential hazards and guide them towards the safe space. Safety signage aims to prevent accidents, reduce injuries and foster a safety-conscious environment. 

Importance Of Safety Signages:

  • Information and Awareness For Employees and Visitors 

These work safety signs provide awareness of potential hazards and are an immediate warning of what’s ahead. It ranges from alerting people about wet floors, flammable materials etc. This helps reduce accidents, injuries and potential health risks.

  • Health and Safety Requirement

Safety signage is a good emergency guide. They emphasise the value of health and safety precautions. It complies with local health and safety requirements. 

  • Prevent Injury

A clear safety signage provides visuals and real-time information can help the reader avoid accidents and reduce the risks of injuries.

We Offer The Following Types of Safety Signages:

  • Caution or Warning Signs

These are designed to alert people of hazards. Our company provides safety signage with high contrast design in diamond or triangular shape. We use universally recognised symbols with clear necessary information. 

  • Exit Signs

Exit sign boards indicate a safe and quick route to the nearest exit and are strategically placed at doors, stairways, corridors etc. The proper installation and maintenance of exit signs are necessary to ensure they are visible at all times.

Project safety signs deliver a specific safety message. We ensure that these signage are distinct in colour and design even when the employees’ vision and hearing is impaired by the use of their personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Crowd Management Signs

It is used to ensure the safety of event’s attendees. Therefore, effective crowd management signs should be easily understandable, visible, informative and durable. Purchase our effective crowd management signs with the use of bright colours and reflective materials for your building in Bangsar, Bukit Jalil and Pudu.

  • Fire Safety Signs

Fire safety signs are made from durable materials including plastics that can withstand harsh conditions. These ensure that they are resistant to moisture and most chemicals. 

  • Personal Protection (PPE) Signs

PPE safety signs at a project worksite reinforces messages on safety to all employees. Our PPE signs are effective and clear using symbols, and universal warning colours.

  • Warehouse or Factory Signs

Factory signs are important to help workers adhere to safety protocols to prevent accidents. We ensure consistency in text, symbols and colours in creating clear and concise signs. We help factory owners in Wangsa Maju, Sri Petaling and Cheras design and install factory safety signs.

  • First Aid Signs

These signs provide immediate rescue facilities during emergencies. Therefore, we provide first aid signs that use durable materials which are weather resistant. Our first aid signs services are available for businesses located in Ampang, Titiwangsa and Chow Kit.

  • Prohibition Signs

These signs are usually made of PVC, aluminium and self adhesive vinyl which are rust resistant, long lasting and suitable for outdoor applications. Our signboard shop provides prohibition signs services where you can choose the colour that you want according to your regional regulations. 

  • Hazardous Materials Signs

In conclusion, safety signs are important to ensure the safety of people in public places. If you are interested in making your building, construction site in Klang Valley, Kajang or Shah Alam, a safer environment using caution signages, please contact our signage company by phone call, email, or WhatsApp today for more information on our safety signage services.


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