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Acrylic sign boards are widely used in Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, and Selangor for displaying company logos because they can catch public attention easily. 

Did you notice that the acrylic sign boards give you a good feeling because it has a glossy surface? That’s probably why acrylic is a popular material choice for signboards if compared to other materials.

Now, where should you use and install acrylic sign boards to give them the best effect? 

  • Indoor or Outdoor

If you are wondering where to put your acrylic lettering sign boards, outdoors is definitely a better choice as people who walk over can see the attractive signage. The sign boards will only stand out if you put them in a place that people will definitely pass by when they enter your shop lot at the shopping center, mall, or manufacturing factory rooftop. 

  • Building

Building-wise, a very common spot for a signboard unit is an office’s entrance. A glamorous signboard has already won you the customers’ hearts before they even take a step into the building. This is why most people use transparent acrylic signage with etching lettering to give customers a good impression of the company environment.

  • Advertising

Usually, people seldom use acrylic sign boards for advertising because it’s higher cost than those low-quality banner printing. So, if you have the budget to advertise your product and services with acrylic sign boards with embossed letters, it would definitely give the customer a good impression and make you stand out from your competitors in the same market.

  • Company Usage

Acrylic sign boards are great for companies in many aspects. For example, the office directory can be made using acrylic signage to give a professional vibe to the company itself.

As a reputable sign board supplier company, we can definitely offer you other sign boards that will amaze you. 

Some other sign boards that we provide for our clients are:

  • Light box

A backlit or lightbox signboard is usually used as signage for shop lots because they glow and are big and catchy. The moment when the sun goes down, the lightbox frame will definitely stand out as it will catch passerby’s attention with the white or yellow light. Not just shop lots, lightbox signage and billboard is used for many main businesses like hawker stalls.

  • Pylon

Many companies advertise themselves using pylon signs with their company’s logo. The true strength of pylon signage lies in its height. With such tall signage on a pole, the customer’s attention will be caught off the signage even in a car from a few miles away on a street road in Kajang, Puchong or Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

  • Custom made Signage

Do you have your own art design layout or idea of how true signage should work? Let us know your idea and we will transform your simple or complex creative ideas into a reality for you at a reasonable price! The shape whether square, rectangle, or circle can be customized based on the project requirements. The custom-made, laser cutting and engraved stainless steel signboard or aluminum metal signage (whether gold or bronze) that we designed will definitely stand out from other rivals.

We are also offering inkjet bunting, promotion posters, and sticker printing for advertisement and marketing purposes.

Past International, Sdn Bhd, and private business owners who have engaged us for their industrial signage have feedback that they were highly satisfied with our comprehensive and impressive range of services. 

Please message or call to get in touch with our customer service team or email if you have any questions such as signage license application and are interested in promoting your cafe or business with our Neon LED wall-mounted display or glass signage products. 

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