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A glass signage is known for its transparency since it gives a professional and clean feeling to walk-in customers for companies in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. This is why it is highly sought for office signage purposes.

There are many types of signage available in the markets. Here are some examples of the most common glass ones:

  • Etched Glass Signage

Our etched glass signage is available in a wide variety of designs, so you can think of how you want your signage to be, and we will try our best to turn your imagination into reality.

  • Moulded Smooth or Textured Glass Sign Board

These two types of different main glass materials depend on which you want. Moulded smooth glass signboard will give a clean finish, while the textured glass signboard gives more visual impact to the people who see the glass.

  • Frosted Glass Signage

One of the frosted glass features is the glass is translucent instead of transparent like normal glass. When applied to the signage itself, the translucent signage added with some designation would create a good impression of your company logo.

Now that you know that there is quite a variety of glass signage available in the market. But where is glass signage usually used? Why is it so popular in the market?

  • For indoor use

Glass signage can be used indoors to give information or directions. For example, you can use it as a directory signboard in an office building to show which department is located on which floor so that the visitor will know where to go right away.

  • For lobby area

Most companies have glass signage at their company’s reception or lobby to give a professional look. We believe that amazing glass signage looks classy too.

  • Decoration on the wall 

When you feel that the hallway is way too empty, install a few glass signage on the walls. A good example would be glass signage on the company’s branding, top products, or history so that people who walk past the hallway can take a look at it.

  • Signage combined with metallic lettering

You can always customize your own glass signage by combining different elements on your glass signage to produce an even more amazing result. Some companies would choose to have neon wordings on glass signage to give a futuristic and modern feeling.

  • Incorporating company logo

The first step of becoming a good company is to have an excellent logo that leaves a good first impression. This is why glass signages with logos are often used for many businesses.

If you are interested in getting glass signage for your company in Klang Valley, Puchong, or Subang Jaya for different purposes, please call our customer service or email and we will discuss this with you in further detail.


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