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Our company has been in the signboard installation business in Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Ampang, and Klang for many years, our pro team is masterful and only creates quality jobs for retail stores, corporate companies, and more. 

Signboard installation must be performed by experts who have undergone professional and technical training in installing a signboard at various locations and sites.

Engaging with a reliable signboard contractor with the necessary experience to install it properly at your address is important for your project. Enquire the signboard expert about the complete process prior to engaging their service.

What is the importance of proper signboard installation?

  • Safety

This is definitely an important thing to take note of. Improper installation of lettering or acrylic signboards can easily cause unnecessary accidents which can threaten human life. Installing signs requires well-trained experts who always make sure the installation is done accordingly using the right materials. 

  • Withstand harsh weather conditions

When the signboard is installed correctly and properly, the signboard can support and is able to withstand bad weather like hot sunny days and heavy rain. A signboard needs to be durable to play a good role to advertise 24/7 for years. A proper signboard installation makes a signboard visible to its target audience during the day and night.  

  • Signboard material doesn’t drop off

A professional installation of stainless steel metal signboards can ensure the sign board will function well and not drop off suddenly one day in the future. If the signboard is installed improperly at a high height or using an inferior structural stand, concrete, or other materials, it is not safe for the public and may cause issues. When anyone is injured by your signboard, the company’s image will surely be damaged permanently. 

Our team provides quality signboard installation in Petaling Jaya, Damansara, and Shah Alam. 

Our other signboard works for clients include:

We understand that not everyone in this world always replaces a new LED signboard when the old one is broken. Thus, our company offers the special service of maintenance to repair some little damage on the external signboard. Giving maintenance to your signboard can always keep your signboard looking clean and stay operational. Leave this job to us.

  • Signage designing

Only being creative in designing signage can grab the passerby’s vision instantly along the street or beside a highway. Our company helps our clients to design and provide creative ideas to come out with attractive signage designs with matchy colour collocations, displays, and suitable font styles. 

  • Signage manufacturing

Last but not least, aluminium signage and laser cutting sign manufacturing is one of our services too. We produce brand new quality signboards in our own factory with comprehensive machinery and equipment. Our company’s mission is to provide the best and most efficient service at an affordable price on time. 

Do check out our signboard service in Klang Valley and Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang from designing, manufacturing, creating, dismantle and installing, every step can be done by us. Moreover, all installations are done by our high-skilled workers with the best signboard installed at your building location. We also work on marketing exhibition poster, stage backdrop, branding sticker, and visual banner printing bunting projects in various quantity depending on our client’s requirements.

Wait no more and please drop us a phone call, message or email to build your brand image up with our customised signboard product in Taman Paramount, Puchong, and Selangor, Malaysia now! Start today, contact us and send in an enquiry and get a FREE quote.

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Thank you for not only helping us to remove our old faded signboard but also assisting with the installation and design of our new signage.

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