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Outdoor signage in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor is used to raise brand awareness and give information. These popular visual messaging attract pedestrians and potential passersby and motorists by displaying the right messages at the right place that inspires easy and quick purchases.

Therefore, outdoor electronic sign boards are everywhere in Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, and Klang – on the road, near the MRT, or anywhere in the city. For entrepreneurs or business owners, establishing an edge over their competitors is essential. Attractive and creatively designed signboards strategically placed can help garner the attention of the buyers and make your business stand apart.

Creating an effective sign involves careful designs and it starts with ideas. It must take into consideration specific elements, such as your logos, taglines, fonts, colors, and materials, as well as general principles like visibility at night from the street or sidewalk, brightness, and traffic flows. Sign design is about much more than merely making the sign look good and unique. Size, dimension, placement, lighting, type of letters, and more are involved, and all must fit the needs of your building location. 

An effective exterior sign with highly durable, waterproof, scratch, and rust-resistant structures built-in to protect against any damages from direct sunlight, rain, and varied temperature in the environment allows it to be visible and readable anytime day or night by the public.

As outdoor signs are efficient at branding as well as cost-effective in reaching out to captivate a broad audience without having to go to them. Hence, it is important that you choose suitable signage for promoting your business as it inspires and connects with your clients in the places they frequent, bolstering engagement across all media and increasing sales over time.

For these reasons, outdoor signages are commonly used at premises like:


When you are driving through a city full of buildings, what differentiates them is their signage which is the face of the building. Whether it is small or big, all buildings including companies, real estate showrooms, and factories have their own signage. This versatile signage can fulfill many functions. They can display the name and logo of your company, but you can also use them for directional purposes, to advertise seasonal events or items of the month, or to convey any other type of message. This variety means that you can use building signs as the perfect star of your outdoor advertising strategy. Remember the ones that stand out the most, win!

Shopping Malls And Restaurants

Many startup cafes and retail shops inside the shopping centers opt for inexpensive sign boards to help them become more recognizable. Some big brands like KFC or Mcdonalds never shy away from placing giant signages to attract their clients from a distance. Outdoor signage is the first step to help enhance the visibility of your brand image and strengthens the relationship with your customer base by allowing you to create many timely branding opportunities without straining your budget.

Retail And Advertisement

It is not necessary that your signage be placed on your building. You may have it on roads and highways to attract passersby. They are bold advertising statements that set you apart immediately from your competitors and grab the eyeballs of your potential customers for it advertises your brand 24/7 and reaches a broader audience.

From designing artwork to the complete installation and maintenance process, our in-house team includes knowledgeable and skillful experts in every aspect of large-format printing. This ensures maximum quality in all our products and enables you to reach your customers and boost awareness of your brand.

Facing multiple challenges in planning and creating the right sign boards with good styles, feel, and material? We are one of the leading signage providers and top-rated industry players with the right skills that you can rely on when it comes to making these signages. 

Our outstanding and skilled experts with years of experience will ensure high-quality and durable materials are used and delivered to help project a contemporary look of your brand based on your specification that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Whether you need supplies of billboards, lightboxes, illuminated LED wall, window graphics, PVC, acrylic, aluminum, vinyl, plastic or metal signs, pylon pole signs, digital sign board, POS displays, mounted building signs, 3D lettering, or printed banners for your residential, commercial establishment, or storefront promotional needs in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, our experienced expert team is here to guide you through the journey, helps to take your successful business to new heights with our proposed solution!

If you are an entrepreneur or company founder considering creating affordable value for money, customizable, premium outdoor lit signs for your businesses, our highly excellent and awesome customer service is happy and ready for a personalized discussion of an overview of your signage needs and recommend the right options and services we offer to bring your dream sign into reality. 

It’s simple. Check out our online brochure and contact us for a FREE quote to learn more about our full range of large and custom signboard solutions. Ask us any questions you may have and we will be helping you find the answers!


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