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Using plastic signage is another way for your company or business in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to create a long-lasting impression to the people who are seeing it. 

The 3 common materials for plastic signages are acrylic, PVC, and Coroplast grades which are used for different purposes.

For acrylic sign, it is great for both outdoor and indoor use with a high-end feel. An economical alternative to polycarbonate or foam, acrylic signs are easily fabricated making it the preferred product for many types of signage, including channel letters, flat and pan-faced signs, and vacuum-formed applications.

PVC is known by many names, including vinyl signs, or plastic signs which could come in two different forms: rigid (hard) and flexible (soft). It is mostly suitable indoors as it could not withstand extreme weather changes such as direct hot sunlight and strong wind. But PVC is known to create the most professional-looking look which has made it a popular choice of many industries as an effective communication medium. It is also recyclable and reusable multiple times which can help you to save costs in the long term.

Meanwhile, corrugated plastic is the toughest, most lightweight, and cost-effective material, ideally suited for a wide variety of indoor and short-term outdoor locations such as trade shows or conferences. These signs are also easily installed by using frames or stakes or displayed on an easel. Out of these three, corrugated signs are the most inexpensive.  

The benefits of creating and installing plastic signages:

  • Cheaper – Its many characteristics including custom shapes such as rounded or square, size, dimension, and colors are affordable for marketing budgets of all scales, sizes, and dimensions, making it a greater value than its actual price.
  • Versatile – You can mould the signage into your desired unique shape such as round plaque or single or double flat sheet thickness in a faster and simpler way with plastic. Incorporating logos and other creative graphic elements which suit your company’s image and logo through laser cut, engraving, or 3D to help attract people’s attention.
  • Lightweight – This is one of the greatest benefits of plastic signage is that it is light, making it easier to be mounted, moved, attached to walls with nails, drilled using bolts, or screws, and safer for mounting.
  • High Quality – Although plastic signage costs lower, it gives you good features, appearance, and feel. The plastic display is great for vibrant color and high-resolution graphics for the overall appearance and aesthetic value of the sign.
  • Low maintenance – It is durable for a long time and requires low maintenance. Basic maintenance is enough for plastic signage or plaques as it is dent, water, and scratch resistant. Normal simple cleaning and washing of the signage surface can make it last.

Moreover, plastic sign boards are commonly used for various purposes:

  • Indoors – The constant temperature indoors during the day keeps the plastic signage with a longer lifespan. Why not use affordable interior plastic sign options to enable your business or office to stand out?
  • Events – Your plastic sign can be designed with multi-colour and creative designs for expo promotions to draw attention and achieve higher attendance. Furthermore, using plastic signage can generate a higher sense of credibility which benefits all parties.
  • Exhibitions – The design of the plastic sign that we offer is customizable and created to bring out the theme or concept of the exhibitions. Plastic signage is not only used to navigate directions in the event space, but it also provides informational messages and high-impact advertising results to businesses.
  • Promotional signage – Plastic signage is commonly used for the purposes of advertising and promotion. An appealing piece of advertisement sign can be very powerful in catching people’s eyeballs when it comes to branding.

When compared to other materials like wood, aluminum, or metal, plastic directional signs are lightweight, smooth, and more durable than the alternatives, and they can even withstand outdoor conditions with minimal fading, cracking, or degradation. 

In fact, these plastic signs are tough and can endure the stress of heavy usage without damage or losing their clean, clear look making them the best material for outdoor wall signs. Plastics can also be molded or machined to the exact specifications required for the displays or sign and can be manufactured in a wide array of custom colors.

We are one of the prominent and top-rated sign board providers in the industry that offers a wide range of signboard selections and gives the best solutions based on your ideas and affordability.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated sign experts provide value-added services including matte or glossy finishing choices, custom fabrication, thermoforming, routing, coating, film conversion, and much more. Our friendly team is ready to serve and create your personalized plastic signage in Klang Valley, Shah Alam, and Selangor. 

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