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Our signage company based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor has various types of signboard materials you can choose from for your business.

Do you usually decide on what signboard material to use or do you not think about it at all? If you do not think about it at all, it is time you try to find out the different signage material options there are out there. Do your research on the type of signage materials you are looking to use. Not having knowledge on this puts you in a place where you are unsure about what is coming next for you. That is why you should be very careful about what type of signage materials you should choose in your next signage order. 

Here are a list of materials that you can consider: 


Polycarbonate is popular for outdoor and indoor signage. Polycarbonates are a material that looks like transparent plastic. However, it has been noted for having very good strength and stiffness. Because Polycarbonate is a very good heat resistant material, it functions well as an outdoor signage given how uncertain the weather in Malaysia is. 


Aluminium is a quality material that is used when making signages. It is a material that looks shiny and sharp outside. If your signage design comes with innovative designs, this is a good option because the material is pliable which makes it flexible enough to make into shapes. 


Acrylics are usually used in a variety of signboards. Acrylic is very UV resistant so it’s an easy choice especially for an external building signage. Acrylic is known for its properties of being rust resistant and non corrosive. However, acrylic is quite expensive compared to other signage materials. It is very easy to get the surface scratched or dented if you do not keep it properly. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is a popular choice for signages. One of the most notable characteristics of stainless steel signage material is that it does not rust and lasts very long. It has metallic texture and gives a very high end feeling to your signages. 

We have many different materials that you can pick from including metals, plastic and glass. So if you’re looking to mix and match different materials, we can help you. Choosing the signage materials depends on two main criteria which are:

Placement of Signage 

If your signage is placed indoor, you do not have to worry about exposure towards the weather and external environment. However, for outdoor signages, do ensure that the material is durable enough to withstand external environment. 

Type Of Effect You Want To Create 

If you want a shiny look, aluminium signage is your best choice but if you are going for a more sophisticated metallic look then stainless steel is more suitable. 

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