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Pylon signage is a sign placed in various locations in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor that are shaped like a monolith in order to get the attention of your brand to the public even from a distance away. That is why the pylon sign is very tall if compared to other common signs that you saw.

Successful pylon signage will be able to make your brand visible to people from far away and increase your revenue.

Where are the pylon sign boards commonly used?

Normally people would use it at several spots such as:

  • Outdoor

Putting a pylon sign on your building exterior is a good choice because you can give information about your products and services to the public before they even visit your shop.

  • Shopping Center 

Pylon signs are common outside shopping centers to show available parking spaces in the underground parking lots. This is to give the customer information about the parking lot before even the customer enters the space.

  • Car showrooms

Did you notice most car showrooms always use pylon signs? They did this because they want people to know about their existence from far away. This is especially useful for those popular brands where the customers seek the firm for their products and services.

  • F&B Outlets

Some food businesses that have reputable branding, they use these signs to expose themselves to the public. This is why they are very successful in the F&B industry because they have very much brand impact that attracts customers towards them.

  • Hotel

There is no limit to how you can use pylon signs to help your business to grow. Even a hotel can take advantage of the height of the sign as a landmark of the hotel. Passersby will be reminded of your hotel business whenever they visit that place.

  • Offices

Pylon signs can make your office a landmark where your office is located. This will bring more customer flow when your office stands out more due to the pylon signage.

The type of pylon signage that we can help you with includes the following:

  • Single Pole

The single pole pylon sign is a very budget and classic sign that will help you advertise your business.

  • Twin Pole

The twin pole pylon sign can handle bigger signs than the single pole so that you can have a larger signboard and leave you more creativity to put on the larger signboard.

  • Covered structure

If you prefer a more fancy pylon sign, this could be a good choice for you.

  • Custom Design

Do let us know your ideas and we will turn them into reality.

Please call or email our customer service staff right now to discuss how we can help you on getting the best pylon signage to advertise your firm business now!


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We hired your company for a pylon signage at the entrance of our boutique hotel in Shah Alam last month. The quality of the signage is excellent and we are happy with how it turned out!

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