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Illuminated signs are used in many businesses on buildings in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to promote their brand or product. Use illuminated signs as it is visible during the day and night, and anyone is able to see from afar. Illuminated signs are more attractive and interactive. 

Furthermore, illuminated signs are providing more lightning solutions for businessmen to gain more attention from the public. People can integrate their brand identity to stand out from their competitors. In addition, beyond building brand awareness, illuminated signs are an amazing tool operating 24/7.    

Our company has illuminated signage such as:

  • Front Lit

Only the surface of the signage is illuminated, hence, front-lit signage can give emphasis on the font style which can be customizable by colour and design. Normally, the material used is affordable and able to provide an attractive advertising solution in an inexpensive way. 

  • Backlit

Backlit signs create a fantastic lightning effect behind the display graphics, making it a good way to increase the entire signage’s visibility. Besides, it is easy to install on acrylic or glass to create a good-looking sign. You can remove and reinstall anytime you want easily. 

  • Neon

Neon sign has been well-known to all of us for a long time, it has contributed a lot to the business in the world due to its high visibility and affordable price. Neon signs are very eye-catching for anyone who passed by especially during nighttime. Neon signboards have limitless potential for customization. It is a relatively cheaper option too. 

  • Light Box

Light box signs can provide an identity of professionalism, quality, and success for your brand. A wide creative element can be used which takes a lead over the traditional signage.

Types of sign material to go with your illuminated signboard:

  • Glass – Glass signs reduced green tint. 
  • Metal or stainless steel – It makes the signage stronger with higher resistance to corrosion.  
  • Polycarbonate – Its material is lighter and more durable. This can save up a lot on the shipping fees and easier to carry up and down. 
  • Acrylic – It is available in many colours for more possibilities for signage designing
  • LED – A wide-used material by the world because it is cost-efficient. LED signs create an appealing visual effect with low cost and maintenance.

In a nutshell, choosing the best type of signage and standing out from the competitors. By choosing our illuminated signboard service, our team will provide the best signage solutions and only install quality signs with competitive pricing. 

Do call our pro team immediately to discuss how we can help your company with signboards in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.


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