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The type of signage we use for business in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia is very important based on the context we have, for example, placing, design preference, and material quality. There are many types of signage materials that make them unique. Consider these when you decide to purchase your signage material to attract and catch the eye of potential customers.

Hence, here are some types of signage commonly preferred among customers: 

Backlit Signage 

Backlit signage is a type of illuminated sign that is usually typically found at the entrance of a building and it is known for being very energy efficient. This is because backlit signs use LEDs which we all know to use less energy, are cheaper, and last longer than other options. 

Laser Cut Signage 

Laser cut signage can be highly customizable. A clear and clean-cut look of metal engraved logos and concise words on the signs looks aesthetically pleasing with a persuasive message. 

Light Box Signage

Lighting box signage can catch people’s attention easily at night with its popular neon or visual illumination. However, it can be used in an indoor space, at your physical storefront, restaurant or premises if you are looking to highlight a notice or part of your external building. 

3D Letter Signage

Flat letter signs are more traditional and conventional. Instead, 3D lettering signage with a logo and easy-to-read font can highlight your company brand or business name. It can be made from aluminum, glass, or plastic so you can choose the one that is most convenient and easy to maintain for you. 

LED Signage 

LED signboards are the most common and are very low maintenance. LED technology can last longer and does not break easily which means you do not need to change it often like the other lights. These lights are also waterproof and can withstand humid or wet weather.

Pylon Signage 

Pylon signages are usually outdoors on the sidewalk or the entrance of the building. It is usually placed on a pole or structure in front of shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and other similar shop locations. Pylon is most suitable to be placed along highways and roads. 

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