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3D illuminated signs are also better known as light box signage in Kuala Lumpur, Setia Alam, and Selangor which is a type of signage that can be customised and designed according to your preference and style. 

Lightbox is used to illuminate the promotional display graphics products or content in a frame at many premises. Lightbox signage can be placed indoors and outdoors and it also looks very good during the day or night from the street or road view! 

Wonder why you need to create light box signage compared to a common and traditional regular signage?

Well, here are some benefits and reasons why these signs are wise options for your business: 

Suitable In All Situations 

So if you are wondering, where might a light box sign with glass or stainless steel metal material look nice, do not worry if it is suitable to be placed indoors and outdoors for your businesses. Usually, light box signs are placed outside of the shop for example in the mall to attract and catch people’s attention. However, a light box can also be placed indoors or wall mounted like when you are doing a 9.9 Sale in a garment store, you can display your big eye-catching discount prices to advertise and engage your customers better. 

Professional Look

Lightbox signage cuts straight to the point, you do not need to delve into cheap marketing strategies to get people to be your customers. People notice you for the value that you bring to your customers and what is better than a light box sign with gold letterings with a nice and neat-looking design right? It is a way to keep your business and brand advertising relevant no matter what kind of business you are doing.  


When your business or shop lot is in a crowded indoor location or closed place if you want people to notice you, what can be better than a brightly lit signage located outdoors from far away that screams quality service or product? Light box signage is a way to highlight or showcase your main product or the thing you want to focus on in a good way. 

Great Investment

Lighting signage uses LED lights which are one of the best electrical low voltage bulbs out there rather than fluorescent light tubes. It is an energy-saving electric device too!

If you are looking for custom signage service in other laser cutout sizes and shapes with logos for your restaurant, we provide the best option in town. We do not only make your wayfinding signage but we offer many other special services such as banner and sticker printing too. 

We can also support you in your layout and artwork graphic designing and do not worry we have professional designers who will give you, our customer only top quality work at an affordable price. 

We also print and help you with the installation of the signboard and signage repair and maintenance services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor for example when a light bulb needs replacement.

However our company does not only focus on lighted neon signages solutions such as 3D lettering frontlit and LEDs backlit sign boards in Klang Valley for companies and shops, we make other popular types of signage in various colours and materials including aluminium sign boards which are cost efficient and effective and hence capable to help you to save money in the long period of time. 

Another type is pylon signage which is installed on a pillar or using a concrete stand structure and placed freely without a building at roads and highways for construction site projects. 

Finally, polycarbonate and acrylic signage is a lower-cost alternative but still a quality signboard choice. 

So what are you waiting for? Call or email our friendly team member right now and request a FREE quote! Be rest assured we only provide the best quality service for all our customers.



Reasonable Pricing

Whether you are a small or big business you will find our pricing affordable for the service we provide. Let us know your budget to work out something for you.

All-in Services

We do not only make your signboard, our services include designing, printing and also installation of the signboard. So you do not have to hire someone else and save you money!

Experienced Team

We have an experienced team from an established and experienced signage company. Our group of workers are competent in all areas of service we provide. 

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We commissioned your company to help us design and install a light box signage for our cafe in Setia Alam recently. Thank you for the efficient service!


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