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Our company has been supplying car park signage over the years at locations across Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Car park signage is an important element in every car park. 

Our car park indoor signage is available for shopping malls, office buildings, and apartment complexes. Even if you are looking for outdoor signage for your gated housing community, we have the right signages for you in the market.

Our Available Car Park Signage Services Includes:

Entrance Signs

It is advisable to put an entrance sign to guide the motor vehicles into your parking lot since there might be a chance that they cannot find the way to your parking lot. Aside from that, show the rates of your car parking there so people would get more information about how much they would need to pay to use your parking lot.

Exit Signs

Some may think that the car park is like a maze where it takes them many rounds to exit to the main road or highway. This is where exit signs can lead the motor vehicles out of the parking lot effectively to avoid traffic congestion in parking lots.

Parking Signages

Parking signage in the form of aluminum box hanging signs is commonly used at the car park to display the current level of the car park and the specific location of the lifts to avoid users from getting lost.

Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signage can be in the form of painting on the wall or in the form of directional signs to show the user of the carpark which way to head over in order to find a parking spot. Level signs help users to get information about their car location and allow them to find their motor vehicles easier in the huge car park in the mall or building.

Information Signs

Information signs can be placed in the car park for information on the direction of the loading bay and pedestrian walkway so that people can locate it quickly.

Safety Signs

Safety signs in a carpark are important because it directly affects the safety of the user of the parking lot. Stop signs and give way signs are common safety signs that are used in the car park to alert both a walking person and a car.

Prohibitory Signs

Imagine not placing prohibitory signs like no parking or no waiting in the car park area. It may cause congestion within the carpark lot that will irritate both the users and the management of the car park. This is why prohibitory signs are placed in key areas where it prohibits motor vehicles to park or wait for other people in these areas.

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