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We provide cafe signboard design services especially in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Selangor for business owners. 

A well-designed signboard not only captures the attention of passersby, creates a lasting impression, but also gives customers an idea of the cafe’s offerings. Our signage designers have assisted many cafe owners in Klang Valley, Damansara Jaya and Mon’t Kiara to create an appealing signboard for their business. 

Creatively crafted signboards silently entice people to explore the distinctiveness of the cafe. The design elements of a signboard will establish the tone and aesthetic of the cafe. Therefore, our professional signage services aim to help cafe owners in choosing the best signboard elements for their cafe. 

Important Factors To Consider in Your Cafe Signboard Design:

  • Placement of Signage

WhereThe sign’s size, font and colour scheme must align with the cafe’s aesthetic, its overall interior design and target customer while providing the cafe’s information. Placement of the signage on the wall at the right height is important.

  • Keep It Simple

Simple design elements including easy to read typography, minimalistic graphics, and concise wording contribute to immediate understanding. It captures the reader’s attention and leaves a lasting impression. Inside the cafe, simple signage allows for easy navigation, fosters engagement and facilitates a positive customer experience. 

  • Consistency

Consistent colours create harmonious visuals. Moreover, employing consistent fonts and company colours maintains readability, streamlines the design process and reduces visual clutter. 

  • Use of Negative Space

In the context of signage, use of negative space enhances readability, draws attention to key information, and creates a sense of balance. By avoiding overcrowding, negative space ensures the message is easily digestible. We aim to ensure your business signboard is clear and readable.

  • Branding Elements

Your logo is a visual brand representation and we recommend that you place it at a strategic level so it will be easily recognizable. Consider the option of adding a short and concise well-crafted slogan. Our signboard company offers signage designing service to help you create a cafe signboard that showcases branding elements to attract customers.

Types of Cafe Signages We Offer:

  • Wall Signage

Wall signage is a visual interest which showcases the menu and promotes specials. It reflects personality through typography, imagery, and colour palette. Therefore, if you’re looking for F&B signboard services, you may reach out to us and we will help you out.

  • Menu Signage 

Menu sign boards can be displayed on chalkboards, digital screens or printed menus. We provide menu signage with legible typography, enticing descriptions and visually appealing imagery to showcase the cafe’s highlights. Cafe owners in Sri Petaling, Bangsar and Ampang who want to increase their upselling opportunities through menu signage, may contact our experienced signboard maker for more information. 

  • Main Entrance Signboard

Your main signboard is the bridge between your cafe and its potential customers. 

Through use of typography, imagery and lighting, the entrance signboard creates a welcoming atmosphere. Do showcase your cafe’s logo, colours and interior. 

  • Window Signs

To maximise visibility, the window sign showcases visuals, compelling language and special promotions. It can be a colourful display advertising daily specials, seasonal offerings or loyalty rewards. Window signs allow for easy viewing. We aim to provide you with an attractive visual signboard and strategize its right location for you.

  • Instructional Signs 

This should be located near ordering counters, self-service stations or restrooms. It provides clear directions, highlights safety protocols to customers.

In conclusion, there are many factors to think about when creating your cafe’s signboard. We can help advise you on the design, font, colour scheme and size of the signboard to better align with your cafe’s brand to increase visibility and maximise its effectiveness. 

It’s easy, you may contact our team by phone call, send us a Whatsapp message or email to set an appointment to discuss your cafe signage design today.


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We do not only make your signboard, our services include designing, printing and also installation of the signboard. So you do not have to hire someone else and save you money!

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Thanks for helping us with our cafe signboard on short notice. The completion was in time for our cafe opening day in Bangsar last month. Great signage service!

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