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We provide hospital signage service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor including for indoor and outdoor signboards. Hospital signage is an integral part of a hospital building. Each signage plays a big role in providing information to all the passersby and employees. Thus, it is important to get a reliable and high quality hospital signage service provider.

Why Do We Need Signs in The Hospital?

  • Direction information

Directional signs are important to help patients and their caretakers to easily navigate through the hospital complex.

  • Safety purpose

Warning signs and safety rules sign boards can help guide patients to adhere to the safety regulations of the hospital.

  • Informational

Signs play an important role in providing information on the hospital’s procedures and other necessary information to all visitors.

  • Accessibility

Exit signage and restricted area signs will allow people to easily know which are the entry and escape doors available for them to use. Restricted area signage prevents accidental unwanted access.

Consider the Following For Hospital Signs

  • Symbols

Use universal symbols that are easily recognised by all. This will help them to quickly identify what they are looking for and aid visitors who do not speak the local language or English. 

  • Big and Easy to Read Font 

Use large fonts which are easy to read even from far away. The fonts should also be easy to read at a single glance. Avoid fonts that are complicated.   

  • Braille Signage 

Besides regular text or symbol type signage, include braille signs that make it easy for people with visual impairments to navigate and understand the information provided.

  • Colour coding

Use colour code to differentiate different types of signs. For example, red is commonly used for warning signs and no entry room. Green is commonly used to signify an exit point.

What Signs Are Used in a Hospital?

Hospital Indoor Signages

  • Floor Signage 

Floor signs are used near the elevator and staircase to provide info on which floor the person is currently at for easy navigation.

  • Room Signage

Room signage allows visitors and patients to easily find the wards and rooms.

  • Office Signs 

Office signage makes it easy for staff and visitors to easily find the departments and employees they need to visit for official purposes.

  • Waiting Area Signage 

Waiting area signs at the lobby area and outside the operating theatre are important for visitors to know which area is designated for this purpose for them.

Directory and wayfinding signs help guide staff, visitors and patients towards the location they want to be in the hospital.

Hospital Outdoor Signboard

  • Main entrance signboard

Easy to read signboard to put at your entrance.

Big building sign boards that help your hospital to be identified from far.

Car park signs to show entry, exits and car park floors.

  • Emergency area sign board

Emergency area signs should be identified quickly and easily by everyone during critical emergencies.

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