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Signage designing is the most important aspect of any business and brand in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. It is because it represents your business reputation. 

We do see many business owners that use signs to put up information rather than communicating their brand and message and this is the reason why some businesses leave the customers confused on their service offerings.  

If you already know the importance of signage designs then you must know how important it is to engage a good signage designing service. They are most crucial in making your dream a reality; if you have an idea in your mind, they will be the one who translates it into a design that is memorable. 

If you are looking for such service, you can engage with us for a few reasons including: 

Experienced Designer Team

Designing is a complicated and an intricate process. Signage design work needs to be developed through experience and hardwork. Our trained employees are experienced in designing. We only have the best people in our team.

We Discuss and Understand Your Signage Requirements

Our team always puts our customers’ needs first. That is why we will have a meeting to sit down with you to see what you need and the requirements you have for your signage design. This will help us in our creative process to create the best design possible for you.  

Affordable Service

Our charges are based on the market price. Our signage services are known for its affordable services together with our good and quality service.  

Free Advice 

Ask our team for free advice on ideas to design your company or shop’s signage. If you are a new business owner or someone who has no experience with signboards, we are ready to help you for that. For example, we can help you in determining the colour code, font and logo placements and so much more. 

If you are wondering what kind of projects we have completed, we have many business owners who come to us including customers who need cafe signage, restaurant signboard, retail store signage, company and office signage

We do not only provide designing services, if you are looking for other services together with designing, we got you covered.

Our company’s services includes:

Signage Maintenance

Signages can last for many years. We provide signboard maintenance services that are affordable. 

Signage Printing

We do not only design but can help you print your signage using the right material that suits your needs.

Signboard Installation

If you need a handyman to install your signboard, we can handle that too! We will safely install it no matter your building type or if the signage is heavy. 

If you need more information, do call or email us now for further details. We are always here to help!


Thank you for helping our company with signage designing, making and installation service that is fast and of quality.

Mr Wong

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