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Our 3D sign board design service is getting popular lately and is used by many businesses in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor because three-dimensional signage usually looks better than two-dimensional ones. 3D is the norm for now because it allows designers to freely design the signage to make it look more real and appealing. If compared to 2D signage, 3D signage can give a more effective visual impact than 2D signage.

The Most Popular 3D Signboard Designs Include:

  • 3D Stainless Steel Lettering Signage

A 3D stainless steel signage gives off a very classy and professional look to a business. It is used by many businesses in Petaling Jaya and Damansara.

  • 3D Neon Signage

For 3D neon signage, it suits F&B companies better, whose target market is the younger crowd. An attractive 3D Neon signage will become very instagrammable for sure. Business owners are investing more in designing their business signage because they realized the importance of it for the promotion of their brand.

  • 3D Glass Signage

With 3D glass signage, you can make your logo attractive by using lights that give visual excitement. 

  • 3D LED Signage

This type of signage can easily leave a good impression on your employees, suppliers, and customers. It can produce the result on the lettering and logo that 2D signs cannot.

  • 3D ACP Signage

The 3D ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel) signage is used if you want to put more details on your signage, including a contact number and detailed services. The ACP signage is mainly used by construction companies, but other companies can choose this signboard option too.

Our signage process includes firstly having a meeting with the client to understand their needs and expectations. After selecting the signage material, colour, and size, our sign designer will come up with a draft design for our client to select the one to be made.

Hire our experienced team for signage service because we are one of the best signage service providers that you can find in Klang Valley and Shah Alam. Not only that, our dedicated staff will proactively engage with your team to understand how you want your signage to be so that you will surely be impressed with the quality of our work. 

Are you still looking for a 3D signage design service? Do not hesitate to approach our reliable customer service team or call us so that we can get back to you quickly.


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Thanks for working with me to design and install our PJ outlet’s new 3D signboard. We are pleased with how it turned out!

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