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Construction signage is commonly used at construction sites in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to alert various individuals of potential hazards that may pose a threat. It is usually located at the construction sites and at the entrance of the construction project site to give construction-related information to the passersby. 

The importance of these visual communications is key as there are a number of construction-related accidents happening on construction sites every year.

What Signage Do You Need At Construction Sites?

  • Safety Signage

A safety signage is a reminder that certain requirements are to be met before entering and within the construction sites. This type of sign is usually blue and white in colour so it is very easy to differentiate it from other signage. This is to ensure the best safety practices are done before entering the construction sites.

  • Emergency Signage

Emergency signs are used to display important emergency information comprising the location of the first aid kits and emergency exits to help construction workers identify the location of such a place or equipment in a short time. This is to make sure that construction workers are able to react quickly should an emergency situation happens on the construction sites.

  • Exit Signage

Exit signs include the tritium type and normal ones. The tritium type of exit signage is special because it can glow in the dark, where the signage will be still functioning even without electricity and battery. 

  • Project Signage

Project signage at the entrance display details of the project including the construction company that is responsible for the project, the size of the project location, and the estimated start and end date of the construction project.

  • Danger Signage

Danger signage is placed to warn the passersby that there may be potential hazards that may pose a threat to the health or the life of the passersby. It’s a notice to the public that they are not allowed into the site unless they are authorized personnel.

  • Prohibition Signage

Prohibition signs are to display certain actions that are not allowed at the construction sites including no smoking, and no consumption of food and drinks. These actions are prohibited to maintain the cleanliness of the construction sites and also the safety of the construction site.

A safety signage is used to display information that should be taken care of before entering the construction sites. These signage are placed to create awareness of potential hazards to avoid unwanted accidents from happening. Safety signage is also a reminder that construction workers and visitors need to wear the necessary pieces of equipment before entering the construction site to lower the number of accidents that happen at the construction sites to a minimum.

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