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Electronic signage or digital signboard has been popular these days especially in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to catch the attention of passersby for many shops and companies. An example of electronic signage is the advertisement signboard you see on buildings and shop lots. This type of signages has already slowly replaced the traditional posters on the streets.

What is the benefit of using electronic signage that makes it so popular right now?

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Any amendments could be done easily

With traditional signage applied, you would need to redesign and reprint the poster if you want to make some changes to it. However, the electronic signage is so flexible that you can update the signage at ease. This will cause you less trouble if you have found out a typo that exists on the signage.

  • Gives good first impressions

By using electronic signage, you give a good impression to your potential customers as you are seen to be keeping your business up to date with the new technology available in the market. This would give the client even more confidence to try out your service.

  • It is more eye-catching if compared with traditional signage

Most people now prefer digital advertising sign boards because they spend most of their time looking at digital devices. Use this advantage and create unique content that will prove better than traditional signage.

  • Suitable for day and night

The electronic signage is suitable for both day and night even when it rains.

  • Low maintenance

Unlike traditional lightbox signage, you can save costs in the long term by using an electronic sign board as you do not need to spend much money or time maintaining the signage.

Electronic signage is widely used in different industries today. A few examples would be electronic signage used in exhibition halls to promote several businesses’ products and services so that people would get to know their products. 

Many restaurants use electronic signage to let customers know when they have the latest promotion available. Retail outlets also utilize electronic signage for the same purpose, they let their customers know when there are clearance sales so they can achieve their aim of stock clearance in order to get new stock.

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