Main Considerations When Planning Your Signboard Design

Signboard design plays an important role in delivering your business brand. Therefore, it is crucial to get the right design. 

Consider the following when planning your signboard design includes:

Simplicity is beauty. It is important to keep your signboard design simple and minimal. Simplify the messages that you want to deliver by just inserting keywords instead of listing out all your company services. Avoid having too many colours on the signboard. 

Keep the content or message on your signboard simple. Hence, you should always use easily readable fonts that allow your audience to extract information easily. Fonts that are too cursive can be difficult to read especially if it is from a distance. Take note to never use too many types of font in one signage. 

Think about what your target audience and marketing strategy would be. Different target audiences have different preferences. Signage has to be designed to suit the style of your target audience and brand’s marketing strategy. Make certain that you know your target customers’ preferences.

Consider the shape of the signboard when planning for signboard design especially if it is used for directional or warning purposes. You could always consult our signage contractor if you are unsure of what shape to use for your signboard. 

When designing signboard, one should ensure it is eye catching enough to capture the attention of the viewer immediately. Your business is able to attract more customers with an attractive sign. Make use of lights to increase brand awareness even at night. 

In addition, one has to think of the type of signage material to use when it comes to designing signage. For exterior building signs, it is best to choose a waterproof material that can withstand the harsh weather outside. 

Keep to your budget. Always compare the price from different signage companies so you could choose the best that suits your budget. 

The different types of sign boards are suited for different locations. Ensure that the signage is placed at the most visible location. There is no use if the signage is not visible by passersby. 

Feel free to consult our in-house signage design team if you need guidance on designing your signboard. We have the most professional designer team that could help your business signage stand out from your competitors. 

For more information on our signage service, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team now.